Hands Free Lift Gate

Imaging Systems Technology’s engineers have created End of Line (EOL) test systems for the Brose brand HFM which has become one of the top suppliers to OEM automotive manufacturers world wide including BMW, Mercedes-Benz, FIAT/Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, Volvo, General Motors, Chevrolet, Cadillac, Honda, Nissan, Volkswagen and Audi.

Brose Hands Free Liftgate Module


The Hands Free Lift Gate Module (HFM) utilizes two sensors located between the tailpipes to form an electronic field. When broken, the field activates the lift gate. Before the lift gate activates, the gate sensors must detect a shin, then a foot, followed by the shin leaving the sensor area followed by the foot. The distinct order of events helps the system avoid false lift gate triggers.

What We Do

The IST Hands Free Lift Gate Module Test System is designed to test harness continuity as well as sensor functionality and communications. IST’s electrical and mechanical engineers design and implement a complete testing and tracking system for your Hands Free Lift Gate Modules (HFM). Our engineers have experience with a range of communication protocols used in the automotive industry such as KWP (Key Word Protocol), CAN (Controller Area Network) and LIN (Local Interconnect Network).

Easy To Use

The IST Hands Free Lift Gate Module Test System can easily be configured to account for sensor hardware and software revisions. Using the parts configuration masking feature of IST’s EOL Test Software the system can test harnesses with differing numbers of sensors and lamps.

Part Tracking

The IST EOL HFM Test Software saves all sensor test data and communications status messages for each test that is run. Using the built in database features available in the IST EOL Test Software any part tested can easily be viewed and verified.