Suppliers with any warranty-related reporting requirements recognize that traceability is an essential part of daily business. The concept of traceability, which is defined as the capability for tracing goods backward along the supply chain and forward along the distribution chain based on identifying characteristics, is an integral part to any of EOL Test Systems designed by Imaging Systems Technology (IST).

What We Do

IST provides flexibility in the methods used to save and retrieve part testing data. Every application has a unique set of data handling requirements. IST’s engineers provide solutions that incorporate all required interface devices including barcode scanners, label and barcode printers, PLCs and even RFID readers. We automate part labeling and tracking, and production data can be stored in a searchable database. Over the years IST engineers have developed systems to interface with many different external programs to perform tasks such as SQL queries or to define part configuration on-the-fly. We can design systems that synchronize data to external inputs such as switch closures or PLC signals.